Thematic tours

Besides our tours and city excursions, we also offer thematic group tours. They can be integrated into every trip. We guarantee English-language support, story-telling, and adventures that are not put into guidebooks.
Below you will find the most popular topics. If you don't find what you desire, share your ideas with us! We are open to new concepts and are willing to prepare tailor-made study tours according to your interests.

Farm tours are a great way to learn about the environment, agricultural production systems, animal breeding, harvesting, and the many issues, challenges and opportunities in rural areas of Poland. This is truly an “off the beaten path” experience.

Share and gain knowledge with teachers, social assistance workers in educational and agency settings, as well as learn and experience the mission of different non-governmental organizations who are out to benefit the greater good of Polish society.

For professionals or people interested in this field, we can open doors to experiencing Polish stud farms with the opportunity of seeing horses in their paddocks and employees during their daily work.

From nurseries, to botanical gardens, to meeting with specialists in landscape architecture, this covers everything in horticulture.

The automotive sector is one of the most important sectors of the Polish economy. Visit the world-renowned automaker!

Economy – get knowledge about Poland’s economic structure during lectures at the University of Economics and enjoy company visits with a variety of entities: BPO industry, financial institutions, providers of integrated logistics solutions. If you are business-oriented, this will give you an interesting perspective of Polish enterprise.

Are you interested in sustainable or eco-tourism? Get back to nature and relax in the serenity of the outdoors with trees and animals in rural Poland. Study visits to eco-farms are included.

Are you active every day? Why not during your trip! Add cycling, rafting, ice-skating, trekking or even snowshoeing to your itinerary.